First Class Concepts is one of the UK’s leading direct Marketing and Sales firms with offices throughout the UK. In recent months we have made Glasgow our headquarters.

We specialise in a range of services for our clients in particular campaign management, outsource sales and brand awareness campaigns. We offer a flexible and cost-effective approach to our clients meaning that they can outsource to us rather than having expensive in-house sales teams.

As our name suggests we can offer you a first class service from campaign conception right through to analysis of results and the customer interactions. Because we’ve worked in a wide range of industries we know that we can manage any campaign you throw at us, no matter what the sector. Currently we are working with clients in the entertainment, telecommunications and insulation industries.

We have an incredibly strong work ethic at First Class Concepts and our promise to you is that your campaign will be more successful with us. We promise to build your campaign far beyond what you could have done in-house and also focus heavily on growth and development for the future. You can expect up to the minute analysis of your campaign, an incredibly professional team and a return and profit on any investment you make with us.