First Light Technologies is a managed service provider that simplifies the complexity of managing, provisioning, and securing IT solutions for customers by focusing on best practices for IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Automation, and Collaboration.

As an IBM managed service provider for over 13 years, First Light Technologies understands IBM and how to navigate all areas to get our customers the best technologies and services. We have access to specialized expertise, technical resources, and training, so you can rely on First Light Technologies to provide you with the tools, training, and support you need to succeed with IBM. Our IBM technical experts are available to answer your questions and guide how to best leverage IBM technologies, whether security, storage, on-prem, SaaS, or hybrid. Let the experts at First Light Technologies transform your business today.

Partnering with IBM Global Financing (IGF), First Light can help build an innovative and flexible financial strategy to fuel your hybrid cloud and AI journey. Leveraging the latest in cloud technology, First Light provides a single point of access for the entire IT services lifecycle, from design and implementation to management and optimization.