First Look Approval is your source for consumer finance.  We work with multiple programs across several lenders and consult with our clients on which solution would work best in their business.  All of our programs are designed to help businesses appeal to more customers by allowing the business to advertise and offer an affordable monthly payment option that's outside of cash or credit.  In our experience, we've found that we can help increase sales revenue by changing a businesses sales technique to include offering affordable monthly payment options with every sale.  This helps make the businesses product more affordable for those who may not have cash or credit available, allowing the business to appeal to more customers.

Each of the financing programs we offer are unique when compared to similar big bank financing programs. Our programs are designed to offer more approvals, more options, better technology, and better terms for both our clients and their customers.  We only offer our clients the most competitive programs in todays market; programs that will approve prime, near-prime and even sub-prime customers.  We additionally provide a hands-on approach with our customer support, ensuring our clients have the proper tools and training necessary to find success every step of the way.  Our clients take comfort knowing that we're only successful in what we do if our clients are successful in the financing programs we help implement.  In other words, we only make money if our clients make money.  That's why we do everything it takes for our clients, making our service and approach "Refreshingly Different."