Who says there is no room for style when it comes to workout gear?
Every girl would agree that when you are wearing cute athletic clothes, you feel more confident.  And when you feel confident, you go the extra mile.  This is why our passion here at Fit Girl Gear is to offer fashion forward fitness apparel that motivates athletic women like you.

Whether it's hitting the gym, running, practicing yoga, dancing, playing sports, or exploring the outdoors, we are huge fans of working out!  But we're also obsessed with fashion: "Athletic couture" is a term we use to describe our stylish, eye-catching attire. We seek out the most unique designs where the female form is celebrated through color, cut, and most of all - feminine details you can't find anywhere else.  The result?  Fitness clothes get the much-needed touch of fashionable flattery, and you enjoy your workouts even more, in style.

We believe in:
Motivation & encouragement
Comfort & confidence
Staying fit!

So whether you are new to exercising or living the lifestyle of a professional athlete, Fit Girl Gear can help you reach your fitness goals in style!