About Us
We are a family-run, private personal training gym focused on educating our clients how to incorporate quality exercise and good nutrition into their lives.  We want people to be empowered, feeling comfortable exercising both inside and outside our facility! Our intimate and comfortable environment promotes true education, allowing clients to escape the intimidating "big gym" scene, and to make their gym membership more effective. We also offer group exercise classes in cardio kickboxing and tai chi, but once again in a more intimate studio to promote learning.  Correct exercise will improve your quality of life - let us teach you how!


- We will provide quality scientific based exercise programs designed to educate, empower and affect positive change in individuals, inspiring them to view exercise as a lifelong journey and the path to health.

- We will raise the bar of the fitness industry by leading as integrity driven professionals.

... Individualized attention and service
... Education and Empowerment
... Achievement through knowledge and support
... Understanding the process of maintaining lifelong success
... "Whole food" guidance before supplements
... Functional whole body conditioning
... Fitness balance
- Resistance training for all
- Proper amounts of aerobic exercise
- Functional Flexibility
- Strategic Recovery
... Concern for the client's entire well-being
... Professional integrity
... An environment conducive to education
... The Hippocratic statement, "do no harm"

Group Classes Offered
-     Beginning Kickboxing
-     Advance Kickboxing
-     Tai Chi
-     Self Defense