Ambala, February 6, 2015:  Bobby Gym will help you get in top shape with well-developed work-outs and exercises under the guidance of experienced, expert body builders and professional fitness gurus.

This was announced by a top executive of fitnessdada.com in a press meet organized in the city. The meet was well attended by members of the press-print, broadcast and online medium.

Fitnessdada.com is providing a free one-day trial. “It is providing the chance to do a trial, test and make a decision about registering for our fitness program,” said the executive. The attraction is that this trial is for free.

The trial provides you complete services such as different exercises, sessions for motivation, aerobics, counselling and many more such that you can get help to develop your own fitness program. Such types of one-day trials are guided by well-experienced coaches, who introduce you to an overall picture of fitness process, equipment, services, events, facilities, activities, etc.

“It’s a win-win situation for you as you don’t lose anything by going in for trials. Just drop in and any one of our representatives for fitness training will be ready to assist you,” said the executive.

The gym offers a world-class ambience located in a state-of-the-art infrastructure. With top class gadgets and modern equipment, Bobby Gym is one of the finest fitness institutions of the region. “Our décor, interiors, equipment and furnishing are planned to provide you sunlight, fresh air and a soothing ambience,” he said.

The fitness centre conducts aerobic exercises out of which strength training and short distance running are the major examples. Bobby Gym features a team of expert and experienced trainers to help you master the art in minimum time. Your body and mind will be fit when their experts will train you using the most current methodologies.

The gym is run by Tejinder Singh (Bobby). He has an impressive history in fitness training. He won Mr. Punjab in 1992-1993, and thereafter did 22 years of corporate training. He got trained in food and dietetics. He worked as a model for several years and also trained many models. He claims to have at least one lakh happy customers.

He also provides the following services: Olympics, sports and fitness training, training camps for aspiring film stars, consultation for diet plans for models and actors, training for models, professional fitness coaching, and complete personal coaching.

“The gym has a convenient location in Ambala and has trainers who will guide you at every step. Our training program is based on your body type. Even in group sessions, our trainers pay attention to the specific body needs of every individual, “said Bobby Singh who was also present.

He added that he was available to guide all fitness programs as much as possible. “My gym offers some of the best equipment of the city such as plate loaded equipment that can be adjusted easily. All the machines are well oiled and there is ample facility for many persons to work out at the same time”, he said.