Since joining the fitness industry several years ago it became increasingly obvious and frustrating that sales numbers were more important to gym owners than member results.   To be honest the standards in the entire fitness industry are well below what I think is acceptable.  Personal training standards are incredibly low, and many trainers just copy workouts from the Internet, or magazines.  They also lack necessary knowledge of the complexity of the human body.    Something has to change.

At Fitness Revolution North Carolina we feel we offer the best product in town.  Our Metabolic Boot Camps are only the beginning.  We want to provide a complete fitness training facility that focuses on getting you the results you want.  We have state of the art Cardio and Strength equipment by Technogym, in which you will find your results are only limited by your imagination. We want to be right there with you for the long term helping you achieve all of your fitness goals.  We also want to make it affordable; Our membership starts at $24.99 per month!  We have cutting edge fitness equipment, room to move, private showers, lockers, fitness classes, nutrition experts, personal training, group training, athletic development training, key card access and more!

It seems today that there is a fitness expert around every corner so we at Fitness Revolution North Carolina want to be your source for the truth on fitness.  We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable staff regarding the most recent scientific research, real world experience, and having a mindset of always wanting to learn.  We pride ourselves on always being able to offer the absolute best service to our clients.  This is the whole reason for the existence of FR North Carolina!

We also feel that talk is cheap.  We always offer a “try it before you buy it” option.  If you don’t feel that what we offer is for you then you are under no obligation to buy.

Deciding to start working out is difficult for some people.  You may have questions like “Will I fit in?”  “Am I too out of shape?” “Will they actually appreciate me being there?”  These are all legitimate questions.  We always offer a trial period so you can make sure you make the best decision.

A poor staff, poor service, poor member results, and a cheaply priced fitness center go hand in hand with each other.  We want to be able to give the best service possible, and we are starting out with our Metabolic Boot Camp.  There is much more to come to the Cities of Concord and Mooresville North Carolina, and we want to personally invite you to join the FR nation.  We are your source for fitness.

Your Friend & Coach,

Bobby Robinson