On December 1, 2011, Fitness Tools™ will debut the first-of-its-kind treadmill featuring an integrated upper body resistance system, the Thorotread®. “Every so often a product comes along that so fundamentally changes an industry, it makes the status quo an obsolete casualty of its innovation,” explains Joe Ellis, Fitness Tools CEO and Thorotread innovator. Ellis continues, “the Thorotread is just such a product. It takes the best of many types of strength and cardio training products and combines them into one machine, one exercise.”

The Thorotread goes beyond anything a conventional treadmill or elliptical can deliver with 45 lbs. of integrated upper body resistance, wide incline range and fluid running surface. It provides a complete training experience, integrating the benefits of both strength and cardio that can adjust, adapt and challenge any user regardless of training goals and fitness level. The Thorotread allows users to perform a variety of strength and endurance exercises, effectively doing two exercises at once. The professional athlete to the actively aging can optimize their workouts specific to their training needs and reach their goals in a fraction of the time.

All Fitness Tools products are proudly manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001 certified facility near Wichita, KS. The factory has produced medical grade cardiac testing treadmills for more than 30 years. The complete manufacturing process is housed in one facility to ensure each product is built to precise standards at each step in the process and delivered ready to perform.

About Fitness Tools

Fitness Tools is changing how we think of fitness. The company’s fundamental goal is to innovate and manufacture fitness equipment that not only improves the way people exercise, but breaks from convention and blazes a new path to how people achieve their highest fitness potential. Through never-before-seen products and features, exacting design and precision manufacturing, Fitness Tools products deliver performance and reliability. Clients and members will feel the difference the moment they start moving and owners have confidence knowing your equipment will consistently deliver results. Contact Fitness Tools at 800-805-4591 or www.fitnesstoolsusa.com.