Fitzco was established in 1989 by the Fitz family and built its reputation as an innovator of products for specimen  collection and transportation.  Early on, Fitzco was involved in the modification of the transport system used by the Drug Prevention Program of the United States Military, this modified system is still in place today.  In  1991, Fitzco had the opportunity to help design products and kits for the DNA Databank of the United States Military.  The products that were designed set the standard for DNA collection for databanks as well as DNA processing in general.  For this reason and because of our relentless drive to improve DNA collection and storage, Fitzco has been associated with completely changing the past method of storing DNA on cloth, to the now universally accepted method of collecting and storing DNA on collection paper.
The original "Fitzco Card", as coined in the OJ trial, would later became what is known commercially as the Classic Card.  Fitzco, seeing the importance of  preserving the integrity of the DNA sample, worked with Flinders University in Australia to produce a special coating which was named FTA for Fitzco/Flinders Technology  Agreement. The technology was developed at Flinders, where in turn, they worked with Fitzco to establish testing, validation and finally the launch of the FTA platform.
In 1998, Whatman purchased Fitzco for our experience in working with DNA     products and particularly the FTA license. The Fitz family stayed on to help manage during the years they were owned by Whatman.  In the summer of 2002 the Fitz family was able to reacquire the business.
For the past 10 years Fitzco has  focused on providing quality products and has extended its product line to include: Drypak™, CEP™ Swabs, PRO™, ProPRIME™, 705™ and SpinEze® tubes.  Fitzco also stresses the commercialization of new technologies and is on the cutting edge of specimen kit manufacturing.
The Fitzco headquarters is an FDA Inspected Class 3 Medical Device Facility as well as a cGMP facility and is operated in  accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards

Our range of products includes:

DNA Cards & Accessories
DNA Collection Kits
Medical Swabs
Forensic Swabs
Forensic Kits
Sample Collection Kits
Sample Collection Packaging