Fitz Kits is a small business located in Virginia, that builds kits and distributes parts for making steel pipe structures.
The Fitz Kits system is based on steel poles and joints. The poles feature a plastic coating more durable than paint (and it saves you the hassle of painting), that come in different colors. The joints quickly and easily clamp together with bolts and nuts that are tightened with a 5mm hex key, and they are designed to grip the plastic coating on the poles.
We distribute the system to large companies, small businesses and schools. However, our goal is to make working with our system as simple as possible, and give regular home users a way to order these parts and kits simply and inexpensively. You can use our kits, design your own, or ask us for help in creating something for you. We make accessories that let you build shelves or other features to make kits more functional. FitzKits makes it so easy to build that a kid can do it, and makes stuff so strong that a factory can use it.