Frank J Lynch Completes Prestigious RSD Designation to Specialize in Bank Owned Homes

06/01/10 ---Frank J Lynch, a Realtor of Riva Property Management in Edwards and Denver, CO, has earned the prestigious Harris Real Estate University Certified Real Estate Owned Specialist Designation (RSD), having completed extensive training in the techniques necessary to secure, negotiate and sell Bank Owned Properties (REOs). This REO training is invaluable during the current recession, especially in housing markets where foreclosure rates continue to climb.

A property becomes an REO if the original owner fails to pay their mortgage and the lending bank is forced to repossess it. The bank then reaches out to qualified REO designated brokers and agents to sell the home and recover their investment. Without access to experienced REO Listing agents, lending authorities must continue to hold onto the foreclosed property as an investment loss.

“The Harris Real Estate University RSD designation has been invaluable as I work with banks and lenders on complicated REO assignments. In the Denver area, thousands of homes are in some stage of foreclosure. And it is happening with homes of every price range,” said Lynch, “It is so rewarding to be able to help banks rehabilitate these homes, get them back on the market, and find eager homebuyers so we can improve the condition of our neighborhoods.  My RSD training through HREU as well as my training with the National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals has enabled me to work with more lenders, move more properties and get some of these vacant homes sold!”

Tim and Julie Harris, founders of the Harris Real Estate University in Las Vegas, NV, said “Realtors such as Frank with the HREU RSD designation have valuable training in REO properties and can help banks find qualified buyers using our extensive techniques. Through our in-depth training and continuous education programs, these agents better understand market conditions that will help lenders sell their REO inventory.”

The Harris Real Estate University opened in 1998 and provides REO agent training through webinars, teleseminars and teleconferencing. Agents can earn their HREU REO Listing Designation remotely from their offices all across the nation. The RSD is the premier designation for Realtors who develop an expertise in Bank Owned properties.

“Our goal is to prepare our enrolled agents for the increasingly competitive REO market. It’s becoming more difficult for uncertified agents to out-sell our graduates. Our comprehensive RSD Designation gives them everything they need to gain an edge over other agents in their communities,” Harris said.

If you feel you are in need of more information about REO properties, or if you are a lender looking for a certified Bank Owned Property Realtor, or you need a fast and accurate BPO call Frank J Lynch for more information. [970-331-4669]

Specializing in the sale of REO homes and commercial properties in Denver and the Vail Valley areas,Riva Property Management lists homes for sale in the city or the mountains.

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