FlashFooty.com is a Flash football games web portal. It was founded by two football and programming enthusiasts in 2006. They have combined their passions and started with development of online football games (or - soccer games, however you like), inspired by the old classics from 1980s and 1990s.

The idea was to revamp the spirit and excitement of old games like Kick Off or Sensible Soccer which they used to play on Amiga 500, and even further into the past - hits from Commodore 64: International Soccer, Match Day, Microprose Soccer, Emlyn Hughes...

Authors say that their strong feeling was that modern football games somehow lost the very essence of excitement and simplicity that those oldies had.

That goes for big, commercial gaming titles like FIFA or PES, but also goes for small games that can be played online for which they generally believe that could be done better. So, they started to do it on theirr own. On Flashfooty, visitors (and there are 16-17,000 unique daily visitors at the moment) can enjoy full versions of Penalty Fever, Dkicker, Golden Cup, Flash Striker and many other games that they have developed in past few years.