Flaška d.d. is the producer of Flaska bottles – the programmed reusable water bottles made of glass. We are located in Slovenia, EU.

Flaška d.d. put the Flaska bottle on the market in the year 2010 and it was immediately welcomed very well by the home market. Since then Flaska has grown – from 3 different models in the beginning to more than 20 today. It is sold in stores in USA and some European countries today, and can be bought on-line globally.

Flaska's mission:
Raising quality of life and protecting environment by using water and Flaška.

Our company respects the following values​​:
honesty, growth, efficiency, flexibility, help, health

Flaska bottle to be used use by at least 1% of the population in at least 15 countries where drinking quality tap water is available by 2015.