Hiya!  I’m Gary and I’m the FlatCoder.

All my life computing and computer programming has fascinated me.  Graduating way back in 1997 (Computer Science and Software Engineering), I have worked in the Industry ever since.  I have been lucky to have had exposure to a wide range of sectors and technologies.  Beginning initially as a Scientist (their choice of job title, not mine!) working in Defence (satellite communications and then battlefield simulation) I progressed working in Banking/Finance, Radio Networks, Space Exploration/Image Processing, Defence again (supply chain modelling), Musical Instruments, Computer Games, Web Application Development and System Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses.  I think that’s roughly it, bit of a concise summary (and somewhat fragmented!), but more details can be seen in my Portfolio.

And now, these days, I categorise myself as a Brain for Hire. :)   Most of my current clients require either a web presence or a web application developer for in-house bespoke software solutions.  I favour working entirely in Linux and I am a big fan of the Open Source movement and Open Source software.