If you were to inquire about Flat Roof Repair and Restoration from a previous customer, you may very well hear glowing remarks about workmanship, punctuality, effort, and appearance, but what often gets left out it is the amount of work that goes into making sure that every aspect of your job is done with the highest grade quality. Starting with the person answering the phones when you call, all the way through to the project leader walking through the final inspection by your side, quality is assured in every way. From employees to material, everything about Flat Roof Repair and Restoration is of the highest caliber.

Estimators and roofers that are employed by Flat Roof Repair and Restoration are kept up to date on all zoning and permit laws, tax and credit options available for you, homeowners’ association guidelines and all city/county requirements where you live. Training can make all the difference in the final outcome as well as the time it takes to get there, we have the best trained staff for just that reason. Flat Roof Repair and Restoration always maintain current insurance, licenses, and certification for all of its employees, and we make sure that they are certified in every material that they use.

To ensure the work we do is going to last you as long as possible, we use only the highest grade materials for each job. If you need repair done to a tile roof, we have both clay and concrete available in a myriad of architectural styles to fit your tastes. Asphalt, which is very popular because it has a very low overall cost when compared to the quality that it offers, can be done to match the color of your home, to optimize the look of your new roof. Some companies do not take on slate roof jobs, they are difficult to do and can have unforeseen problems for less experienced outfits; Flat Roof Repair and Restoration does. We carry a natural selection of slate that comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses for you to choose from.

You can go with the eau natural, made to fade kind, or you can get the customized weather proof slate, we have both. We install three different types of metal roofing to satisfy that custom look that you want. Standing seam panels, 5v crimp, and metal made to like tile, our crews are installation experts in each type. There are even more choices for flat roof installations, which is the specialty of Flat Roof Repair and Restoration. Modified torch down, the ever popular TPO, built up, and modified peel and stick, all done by certified installers using the most trusted components available.

To illustrate the commitment to quality that we have at Flat Roof Repair and Restoration, there is a link on our website where you can read testimonials from our customers. When you perform a job with the ability and to the level that we do, you want people to see and hear what your customers are saying about you. Flat Roof Repair and Restoration has remained the leader for many reasons but none are more important than quality.