Florida Aviation Academy is a Professional Pilot training school. In addition to the Ab Initio Programs such as Zero hours to King Air B200 Turbine certified in 18 weeks, we also offer accelerated individual courses that range from the Private Pilot, all the way to the “masters” of pilot licenses, the Airline Transport Pilot.  

Florida Aviation Academy has taken a unique approach to flight training, allowing our students to complete their programs much faster than the typical flight school. As a philosophy we like to have low student/instructor/aircraft ratio at the school at any given time so that we can immerse the students in their studies with special emphasis on their flying. (We only admit 2 students per aircraft and Flight Instructor)

Florida Aviation Academy’s 0 hours to Commercial License takes only 16 weeks in comparison to 8-12 months offered by most other flight schools and colleges for the same program. During this time the students will earn their Private License, Instrument Rating and Single or Multi Commercial Licenses or both at 250 hours. This program is designed for individuals that want to become professional pilots.  It prepares them for the fast paced and multi-tasked environment that is common to all Air Carriers.