ZC Flawless Drumline
    The ZC Flawless Drumline was organized in July 2008 through a Chicago Children’s Youth Service (CYS) 2008 Summer Youth Initiative Mini-Grant.  The current 2011 members of the ZC Flawless Drumline are: Jeremy Bella (7th grade), Hannah Smith (7th grade), Christopher Watkins (7th grade), Ty Davis (8th grade), Shannon Jones (8th grade), David Miller (8th grade), Brandon Watkins (9th grade), Judith Boyd (10th grade), Jaquorian King (10th grade), and Tommy Faulkner (11th grade).  All members are Chicago Public School (CPS) students except for Jeremy Bella who is enrolled in a Chicago suburban school.

As of January 2011, the group’s accomplishments include: recognition as one of the top 10 finalists in the SafeAuto 2008 and 2009 “DoTheJingle.com” Commercial Contest; 1st Place Winner in the American PABI Heroes Tour Chicago Semi-Finals (May 12, 2009); 1st Place Winner in the 2009 Taste of Chicago (TOC) Kids Talent Contest (July 5, 2009); 1ST Place Winner in the American PABI Heroes Tour New York Finals held at Webster Hall (November 16-18, 2009), and 2nd Place Winner in Daria’s 2010 International “My Family Makes Music” Summer Fun Contest (August 2010).  Winning performance videos of this music group can be viewed at Youtube.com - ZC Flawless Drumline.

Contact Debrah Greene at zcflawlessdrumline@gmail.com for additional information about ZC Flawless Drumline.



ZC Flawless
ZC Flawless Drumline