Years, Decades, Centuries, men have always wanted to fly. Not inside an airline, but with wings spread wide. Flipping to the wind beneath and not alone, with their family by their side. Real men move on their own.

FLB Resorts or Four Little Birds, as we fondly call it, is not an initiative. It is an ideological move to take this flight of aspirations and land it on a field of experiences. Offbeat, Unconventional, Family-oriented destination that offers the quiet you seek, the break away from chaos. The only undulations you experience would be the activity breaks you would take from peace to piece together exciting moments with your family.

Four Little Birds is India’s finest resort chain that offers you destinations interspersed with the sweet chirping of birds, where the only time keepers are the sunrise and the sunset. They say, birds of the same feather flock together.

So, run through our advisory sheets to know what to pack, and take your flock to experiences they would love to go back to again, and yet again.

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