Flex Databases is a company that provides e-solutions for clinical trials. Software provided by Flex Databases makes the entire clinical trials process and the management of pharma, biotech and CRO seamless and controlled. It means more effective information processing, data management that saves you time, flawless report generation and capabilities plus KPI tracking. Unlike the majority of similar environments on the market, the Flex Databases platform is completely customizable and can be adapted to meet even the most specific needs. Our wide array of built in modules are designed to address each step of the Research and Development process and give our clients an edge in streamlining their workflow. Flex Databases is a reliable IT vendor that is agile and provides constant client support with our unique understanding of the market and an unwavering focus on quality. We offer a unique platform which allows you to combine the traditionally separated procedures associated with clinical trials management (CTMS, TMF, EDC&IWRS) with the functionality to run internal pharma companies and CRO processes as well as the capability to manage financial data, invoicing and expenses. Every module developed by Flex Databases is tested, validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.