FlightOn Jet is a full-service private jet brokerage group that sources for our clients the very best business jets in the world. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience in the private jet market and pass the luxury on to you. Unlike other private jet brokerage firms, we care about your ultimate travel needs and handle them with promptness and efficiency, as we must earn your loyalty for every flight.

Our boutique private jet brokerage firm was founded with you in mind and is composed of highly experienced professionals who not only know aircraft and flight operations, but who are also committed to making sure every detail of a flight is taken care of from initial contact all the way to touchdown at your destination.  Every aspect of your flight itinerary can be booked through FlightOn Jet.
We fill the void when it comes to private jet charter and get the most competitive prices.  Since we are a representative of our clients, we are able to get pinpoint pricing that is unbeatable. Throughout the National Airspace System there are hundreds of private aircraft flying empty either repositioning or flying to or from its home base with an empty cabin.  Through web based software, FlightOn is able to use all available resources to source these aircraft and take advantage of one-way pricing.

Private jet charter is an efficient and cost effective way to travel rather than a fractional ownership program.  Chartering is a pay for what you use type of operation.  When you charter your own jet, you’re never late!