Our Florida property services help buyers from the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia and interstate to make a financially sound lifestyle choice. We primarily work with clients that are looking for a second home/ holiday home in the sunshine state. We are Buyers Agents( No hidden fees for you). Our website will give you a feel for the ethos that embodies our company mission.

On-site you will find pertinent articles and news and can search for properties by yourself or contact an agent for a non obligatory consult. We highly recommend our "no strings" consult. It is a prime opportunity for you to get all your questions answered and specify what you want. Our agent can then look for properties that fit the bill. If you wish to proceed no further you can simply end the process but you will leave educated on the potential pitfalls and more importantly the financial gains and home-buying process for Florida.

If you proceed you will be given top advice on relocation, finances (mortgages and currency exchange), visas and property management. We strive to squeeze every last penny out of your investment/ lifestyle choice. Rapidly you will discover that your Florida property is actually small business that can make you money year in and year out with minimal effort. A small business that will see you clawing money back from the IRS to foot the bill for your luxury holiday home. Isn't that "Peace of Mind"... with a hefty silver lining?