Flote is on a mission to create bags and accessories that complement the modern lifestyle with a timeless sophistication. From graphic pouches to modern bags and accessories, this collection offers a spectrum of items for your everyday adventures.

In addition to the branded collection Flote develops corporate gift & private label programs:
*Product development for target demographics, lifestyle and price points
*Centralized design, production, quality control and distribution
*Top speed to market
*On trend design talent and sourcing
*Customized hardware and labeling

Jill Mara, founder and CEO of Jill Mara Designs Inc, first entered the world of fashion as a women’s apparel buyer for a nationwide department store. Her path took her from buyer to starting and becoming partner in a top selling, profitable multi million dollar apparel company developing and selling branded and private label collections worldwide, to department stores, television shopping networks, catalogs and on line.  

Her love of adventure, travel and art inspired Jill to create Flote, an innovative branded collection of bags and accessories, where sophistication and function come together to offer a refined option to carry essentials.  Modern designs executed in the finest fabrics and hardware complement one’s venturesome lifestyle.  Flote items are hand crafted by top artisans in USA workshops with meticulous attention to the integrity of each item, ensuring quality, long lasting, heirloom products.  Flote is sold in a variety of specialty stores, including apparel retailers, luxury spas, gift shops, and even high end pet stores, and thru special interest groups and corporate executive gift programs.

Jill has participated in fashion panels with other esteemed members of the fashion industry.  She is also a freelance consultant for small business owners and has been a volunteer mentor for Count Me In/ Make Mine a Million $ Business, a program with American Express that provides money, mentoring, marketing and technology tools that help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

An accomplished athlete, Jill has successfully run the New York City Marathon, bicycled thru the Canadian Rockies, climbed to the summit of Mount Olympus in Greece, climbed glaciers on New Zealand’s south island and has been enjoying her advanced scuba diving certification by diving all around the world.  Since childhood Jill has had quite an affinity to the arts and is a member of many museums.  She has also progressed to be an exceptional potter- just ask her Mother.