U.S. Composite Pipe South (USCPS) is a member of the KTI Pipe Group and is proudly owned and operated in the United States of America.

USCPS manufactures Flowtite Fiberglass Reinforced Pipes (FRP/GRP) in our Zachary, Louisiana plant.  As one of the few American owned fiberglass pipe manufacturing companies we supply potable water, hydro electric penstock, and wastewater piping throughout United States and Canada.  

Flowtite is a glass reinforced continuous filament wound mandrel process, ensuring a consistently uniform product. Immune to galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, Flowtite is the ideal pipe choice for water supply systems. Its proven resistance to the acidic environment found in sanitary sewers speaks well for its use in wastewater applications as well. In fact, Flowtite is material of choice in potable water and sewer systems worldwide.  

Lightweight, corrosion resistant and manufactured under strict quality standards, Flowtite pipe is available in diameters up to 156 inch and can be supplied at any length up to 60 feet if needed. The Flowtite manufacturing process is unique in that it easily permits a custom product to be made to meet specific lengths, diameters and other requirements. This is a unique feature which fits the trenchless industry well. With the ability to make custom diameters, Flowtite can create the optimum pipe to meet your project demands.

In addition, the high compressive strength Flowtite, the flush joint configuration, and the tight tolerances of the pipe and joints make Flowtite an ideal pipe to be pushed into place through jacking and microtunneling methods.  Meeting several ASTM's, AWWA, and AWWA M-45 standards you can rest assured Flowtite will last for future generations to enjoy.

Let Flowtite and the KTI Pipe Group of companies Save you Money.  Flowtite - Specify Flowtite - Install Flowtite - Enjoy Flowtite - true sustainable leak free corrosion free pipe -