advantage of fluid coupling:
1、     To improve the starting capability of squirrel-cage motor. The peak torque of motor can be used as start torque, so as to avoid “a small carriage drawn by a large horse.”
2、     To shorten the starting time and reduce the start current during the start up.
3、     To prevent overload and protect motor and working machine from damage by overload.
4、     To reduce the vibration and shock during start up.
5、     To guarantee the start up of single motor in multi-motor drive system, so as to balance the power. The limit starting torque in 1.2~1.6times rated torque can be provided as start torque.
6、     Simple structure, reliable operation, not mechanical wear and no need of special maintenance.
7、     Able to work in various bad conditions.

Application of fluid couplings:
Can be widely used on the equipments of power plants, steel and iron plants, metallurgy, mines, coals, building materials, chemicals, ports, lifting, transportation, mechanical engineer. Such as: belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, chain conveyor, spiral conveyor, bucket-wheel elevator, bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer, coal mill, ball mill, crusher, bridge crane, gantry crane, tower crane, leather-making machine, washing machine, wire drawing machine, mixing machine, boiler ash crusher, centrifugal machine, entertainment machine, etc.

Factory and History
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