The Fluoroquinolone Victims Advocacy Network has been formed to support, promote, assist and further the needs of victims of the drugs Levaquin, Cipro and Avelox. We are actively seeking a Black Box warning regarding central and peripheral nervous system damage that these drugs cause. We are looking for victims of these drugs to assist us and let the FDA know that these drugs are damaging and dangerous. They cause long term, disabling health issues and as they are being used more and more, the numbers of victims are dramatically increasing. We are a world wide group but our main focus is currently on demanding that the FDA force the drug manufacturers Bayer and Johnson and Johnson to label these drugs for central and peripheral nervous system damage the same way that they were forced to label them for tendon damage.
We are a volunteer group who is actively fighting for the rights of the hundreds of thousands of victims that have been disabled by these drugs.
For more information, please visit our website  http://fluoroquinolonevictimsadvocacynetwork.webs.com/