The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is the collective voice that represents and advocates for the needs of the diverse business and civic community of greater Flushing.  Vlissingen (or Flushing) was established by the Dutch West India Company in 1645 and was part of the New Netherland colony. Flushing is known as the birthplace of religious freedom in the Americas, with the signing of the Flushing Remonstrance on December 27, 1657, which protested religious persecution against Quakers and other religious minorities. The Quaker Meeting House on Northern Boulevard is still in active use and is the oldest house of worship in New York. Quakers were instrumental in the abolitionist movement to end slavery and establishing Flushing as a stop on the Underground Railroad.  Quakers also established the first free school for African-American children and led the movement for public education (Flushing High School is the first public school in New York).  Flushing is now the fourth largest business district in the city, a regional transit hub and retail destination, and has the highest concentration of small businesses.

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce seeks to foster the economic growth, inclusive diversity, and shared prosperity of greater Flushing through advocacy, networking, and mutual aid.  The Flushing Chamber works with the diverse business community -- with dozens of languages, ethnicities, faiths -- to encourage greater cooperation, collaboration, and collection action.  We provide workshops and seminars, networking and promotional opportunities, and advocacy services for our members.  For more information, go to www.flushingchamber.nyc/.