We are F=@#! Mental Health - we're on a mission to make a positive, irreversible change in the world of workplace wellbeing.

We are the UK's very first Community Interest Company exclusively for all Accountancy & Finance, Audit, Tax & Treasury professionals.

We want to support all finance professionals & teams, the senior finance community, HR/In House Recruitment Teams and the companies you all work for; Acting as a fulcrum that our library of solutions will bring.

Through its exclusive partnership with Fide, F=@#! Mental Health is determined to tackle the silent epidemic of workplace mental health & wellbeing; and it's eyewatering personal, professional, social, business and economic cost.  

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The responsibility to tackle the widespread workplace wellbeing challenges should be placed on us all - make F=@#! Mental Health your first external go-to so we can help you and your business increase it's awareness, education and much-needed additional support surrounding workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing.

F=@#! Mental Health is here for you all. Let's form a force for positive change. Together we can make the place of work an even more productive, engaged, happier and successful one.

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