We are F Nice Records Inc. one of the naughtiest indie music companies you'll ever get a chance to feel up after prom. Every band wants to make it, and wants a major record label to sign them and blow them up; but the truth is that any big recording company just wants to grease you for your money and leave you to do your own blowing.

Don't get F'd, F Nice.

We give independent artists the help they need to break that big music career pinata open. We'll make you band merchandise so you can pay your rent and get your image out there, book shows to get your exposure, put you in the recording studio to lay down the tracks that will propel you to glory, make you some ill videos so all your friends can jerk off to you on YouTube, and smear your name and music all over every medium available.

F Nice is here to reclaim the local music scene from those who let it down. Please explore our site and check out all we have to offer.