Foamix is a clinical-stage specialty pharma company, focused on the development of proprietary topical foam and OilGel™ products. Foamix creates advanced products with improved convenience, high compliance and efficacy. The company’s development capabilities range from formulation development to GMP manufacturing, preclinical and clinical studies.

Foamix partners with leading pharma companies, including Galderma, Bayer, Dr. Reddy's and Ferndale Laboratories. Foamix’s first product, Scytera™, was launched in the US in 2009.

Foamix has a strong in-house pipeline of dermatological and gynecological drugs. The Company’s lead product, Topical Minocycline, is currently in Phase II clinical studies, addressing major unmet needs in dermatology, gynecology and ophthalmic therapy. In the future the company intends to expedite its innovative drug development programs towards Phase III studies and drug approvals.

To date, Foamix has 30 issued patents worldwide, including 9 US patents as well as >150 pending applications worldwide.