With the introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act, companies are dealing with an entirely new wave of regulatory pressure.  This coupled with razor thin margins, along with increasing cost pressures throughout the supply chain, food & beverage companies cannot entrust their property, profits and reputation with an insurance broker who is not an expert in their business.  With the complexities that come with a global food supply chain, it is important for any food & beverage executive to select a broker who is able to deliver targeted, food industry risk solutions.The Food & Beverage team at Foa & Son has dedicated more than a decade to the unique needs of the food industry.  We are engaged in food industry events and are active members of a number of food industry trade association groups.  General insurance products do not speak to all of the risks faced by food & beverage companies.  Our team is committed to understanding the regulatory exposures and food supply chain risks first, and only then through this knowledge are able to negotiate coverage terms and pricing that will meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.