We offer cloud services for business including cloud computing and cloud technology solutions for companies of all sizes.  Our team provides best practices in contract management for open source programming, business intelligence and open source web application development.  

Our CRM and HRM solutions can be customized for a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, banking, financial services, technology, not for profit organizations and telecommunications.  We cater to both small and large businesses.  Our small business CRM software is web based and offers many customer relationship management tools.  We highly recommend business owners consider a business intelligence software that supports multiple users, offers technical assistance, training, and is a web based CRM.  For our larger clients we have a variety of customer relationship management options including those with varying CRM customer database options.  Within our CRM software solutions we also offer HR management software for human resource managers.  We offer a complete human resource information system that allows HR professionals to easily track individuals and manage employee reviews, compensation programs, sick time, benefits and employment history.  

In addition to our open source development efforts and our CRM solutions we have helped many businesses with solutions for training and developing their employees.  We offer multi-language open source e-learning software development for clients looking to provide on-site training, certification programs, virtual classrooms, online performance evaluations and online tests/exams/quizzes.  

At Fobess LLC our team offers the best in customer service and provides customized solutions to fit our client's needs.