The FOCC is a social networking site catering to those people who have a Fear of Commitment. The "FOCC" stands for Fear of Commitment Club. We are here to help anyone with a Fear of Commitment. If you just need a laugh or someone to talk to, we are here to help you. We are here for those who have a fear and also for those who can help with the fear. We have a section for sponsors, so they can help and talk to those who have a fear! We have a social networking like website. You can create your own profile, so you can stay connected with those who are in the same boat as you or with the ones who are helping you!

What is fear? It’s a common word. Fear of heights, airplanes, snakes, and spiders. Fear of drowning, being kidnapped or even of bears. Child’s play! There is a more vile and fearsome monster out there. Beware! It lurks in the shadows in bars, restaurants and wedding receptions. It strikes without warning and before you know it, it’s too late and your whole life has changed. It’s responsible for an alarming increase in the rates of stress, alcoholism, loss of friends and social skills, and financial ruin. That monster my friends, is Commitment, and it’s simply terrifying.

The statistics don’t lie. The leading cause of divorce is, in fact, marriage, the most feared and cruel form of commitment that has ever existed. Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. And if that’s not bad enough, that means the other half end in death. Scared? You should be. But don’t be alarmed. You’re not alone. We’re here for you.

Welcome to FOCConline.com, the World Wide Web home of the Fear of Commitment Club. Founded in early 2007 by James Hunn and Cory Heuchert after realizing their fears, the FOCC’s sole purpose is to give our members something to do other than commit to anything. We want you to know that we are just as scared as you are, and don’t think any less of you for it. Our “club” has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. With any luck, this site will follow suit and develop for all members into a bit of an oasis of humor, friendship and reassurance that you’re not the only one. Finally, we want you to know that it’s ok to say “Sorry, it’s not you, it’s me,” our official club slogan.

So welcome and enjoy. Enter our site as a stranger to us. Leave feeling a lot better as a friend and a dedicated non-committer. Laugh, cry, share, or gripe till your heart’s content. We care.