Focus Services-
Focus Services is a privately owned call center service provider with 9 facilities worldwide, consisting of over 3,000 employees. Focus is one of the fastest growing call centers in the world, experienced in providing a variety of professional services.

These (bi-lingual) services include:
Customer Acquisition
Customer Care
Direct Response
Third Party Quality Assurance/Monitoring
Upsell and Cross-sell
Third Party Sales Order Processing Verification
Help Desk and Tech Support
Third Party Customer Experience Survey Services
Back Office Processing

Focus Services built its telecommunication business on the simple concept that “if we can sell, we will always have clients who need us.” Demand for our services has been driven by our ability to generate revenue through needs based selling and multi-product bundling.

At Focus Services, we understand that world class Customer Service is a byproduct of understanding what customers need, understanding the specific advantages of each product available to the customer, and tailoring the service offering to best meet their needs – resulting in loyal customers and strong revenue streams.

Focus is dedicated to ensuring that every interaction we have with our partner’s customers (and potential customers) results in long-term economic success for our partners.