Face Of Fashion is a Fashion Modeling & Fashion Design Management (namely FOF) began its operation January 2006. The founder and CEO Carla Hazel was inspired by the diverse ethnic features and the multi-cultures in the Caribbean.

Carla embraces her Caribbean roots, culture and foundation entwined with her North American experiences to cultivate a new sense of fashion. Carla has long been setting trends in fashion on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, with the advantage of a seamstress grandmother, known as Iona DeFoe.

Grandma Iona created a variety of fashionable designs including Dominica’s National Dress and many Carnival Costumes in her time. Carla’s early teachings from grandma Iona, her mother Shirley Hazel and her Aunt Euella Marie inspired her own unique creations and fashion quest.

Carla seriously began making her mark in fashion at the 1985 Miss Dominica Fashion Model Contest and held the “First Runner-Up” title. The following year Carla became the first ever Miss Dominica Zodiac 1986. And as if this was not enough, Carla went on to compete in one of the island’s most prestigious competitions, “Miss Dominica Carnival Queen” where she made an impact with a costume designed by her sister Caryl Hazel called “The Pride Of Dominica.”

FOF is managed by a team of very skilled and qualified professionals with over 50 collective years of experience in all aspects of business. Carla is a Fordham University Alumni and under her direction, finance meets fashion with over 19 years experience in Financial Accounting, Business Management, Fashion Modeling and Fashion Design. As both CEO & President of Face f Fashion Modeling & Fashion Design Management, Carla is taking the new faces of fashion to higher heights affiliating with organizations like "The Fashion International Group (FGI) " as an Executive Member. Accessing a network of 5000 members in the fashion industry including apparel, accessories, beauty and home. The Entertainment & Music Director, Cohen Hazel is versatile with over 18 years experience in International Music, producing over 16 albums and touring extensively with his own band. The Marketing & Advertising Director, Annie Benjamine has over 15 years experience in Event Planning & Coordinating with a strong specialty in Advertising & Promotion. The core team is complemented by a network support group of consultants, performers and technicians.

Our youthful and talented management team can relate to the needs of young models and their families, through their honesty and integrity. They possess a wealth of talent drawn from diverse cultural backgrounds, degrees in business and fashion, and vast entrepreneurial experience.

Please refer to our website for more information http://www.fofashion.com