Foil Decor™ is an innovative developer of products that impact women and families by improving the experience of serving food for social events. Foil Decor is the holder of two patents and has one patent pending on the Foil Decor serving system. At the 2016 INPEX Invention & New Product Exposition,Foil Decor received a 1st place award in the kitchen category. For complete details on Foil Decor, the founder and future plans, please visit www.foildecor.com.

Foil Decor™ Serving System

Foil Decor™ is a decorative serving container for 9 by 13 disposable foil pans. It has three components that work as a system. Foil Decor eliminates the need for support alternatives such as cookie sheets or trays and the use of glass casserole dishes at an affordable price. It's a tasteful and more convenient way to utilize disposable foil pans. It is economical because it comes at an affordable price and is reusable.

How Foil Decor Works:
•     The BASE gives the pan stability and support. It has handles for easy carrying from home to the car, and to your destination (No more second cookie sheet or tray underneath).
•     The RING secures the foil pan, making it easier and safer to transport (no more hot pads or messy spills)
•     The LID/BOWL helps to maintain the temperature of foods, and once removed, can be inverted to use as a bowl (when serving a favorite dip)!

It is convenient for family gatherings, holidays, special events and tailgating parties. When it's time to go, simply remove the foil pan from the Foil Decor system, leaving the leftovers with your host or hostess. Then simply take your Foil Decor home to use another day, or leave it as a gift.