The Foldforming Hub at www.foldforming.org is designed for the enjoyment of artists and art lovers alike.  It is home to the annual Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition and a hub for centralized access to learning resources about foldforming techniques in the metal arts. Our mission is to challenge artists to push the creative boundaries of foldforming and to spotlight talented metal artists around the world.

For Metal Artists
Metal artists will be find inspiration in the work on display at www.foldforming.org and find learning resources about foldforming tools and techniques. Submit your work for the next Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition and enjoy images of all the past winners and Jurors' Choice selections since the event's launch in 2012. Connect with other  metalsmiths who share a passion for foldforming by joining Foldforming Central on Facebook, an engaged group with members from 25+ countries.

For Art Lovers
Art lovers will delight in our collection of images and videos chronicling the Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition, an event for metal artists around the globe.
Visit the competition galleries to view winners and Jurors' Choice selections arranged by competition year. Follow links to artist websites to explore their work further.

The projects managed at the Foldforming Hub are www.foldforming.org, Foldforming Central on Facebook, and the Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition.

Mission: (1) To provide centralized access to learning resources about foldforming in the metal arts at www.foldforming.org, (2) To provide a supportive global community for metal artists at Foldforming Central, (3) To inspire artists to push the creative boundaries of foldforming, (4) To spotlight talented metal artists around the world and help art lovers find them.

About the Founders

Sue Lacy
The Foldforming Hub is owned and directed by Sue Lacy, Alexandria, VA. She founded the international metalsmithing group "Foldforming Central" on Facebook in 2011, began directing the Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition in 2012, co-authored the art book "Foldforming at 30" with Rhoda Weber Mack in 2014, and wrote "The Evolution of Foldforming" for Art Jewelry magazine, Nov 2015 issue. In early 2016, she launched www.foldforming.org to house the Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition and learning resources for metalsmiths about foldforming.

Charles Lewton-Brain
Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain is a world renowned author, educator, artist, and pioneer of the innovative suite of metal techniques known as foldforming. Foldforming was recognized by the British Museum Research Lab in 1990 as "a new approach to working metals without precedent," and by a Rolex award in 1991. And in 2012 he was the recipient Canada's prestigious Governor General's Award for contributions to the visual arts.

As co-founder of www.foldforming.org, Charles Lewton-Brain plays an important advisory role related to content and mission. He is a generous educator who has written many books and thousands of pages to support metal artists. For an overview of his foldforming resources, visit our Resources / Learning page. He is also the author of "Foldforming," the definitive book about foldforming in the metal arts.