Unblemished Track Record in San Diego County.

For the past four and a half years, Folium was hard at work building an unblemished track record among San Diego's government clients, law firms, medical firms, accountants, financial planners, hotels, boutique veterinary shops, jewelers, and so many others. We have built a strong reputation for high quality reprographics, document scanning, and business computing, and proudly display some of our past and present clients as a testament to our success to date. Our Track Record page includes testimonials by various people in San Diego and California generally who have used our services.


We are proud to have become one of the official reprographics providers for the State of California. In a competitive statewide bid against all other reprographics companies, Folium came out on top in reliability, security, confidentiality, service options and price.

   * The State of California
   * CalFire
   * Attorney General's Office
   * Four Seasons Hotels


   * CA Department of Forestry
   * ET Search, Inc
   * Pestotnik + Gold, LLP
   * and many others...

Folium Advantages

   * Owned and operated by lawyers who understand and value confidentiality, personalized service, quality and price;
   * Staffed by top-notch, college-educated IT staff;
   * Unbeatable quality-to-price ratio ("bang for your buck") and reasonable prices;
   * An Old World work ethic. You pay our invoices, and we work until your project is done right, not until 5PM rolls around.

Folium History, Culture and Ownership

Folium started from a vision shared by several business-minded lawyers with strong IT backgrounds. A vision of a modernized law practice using the best and latest of what technology had to offer.

We worked and interned at public offices and private practices from solo lawyers to heavyweight law firms (Fish & Richardson, for example), and almost invariably saw gross underutilization of capital and human resources. We worked through it and before we had an idea of a business, before thoughts of remuneration, we formed a solid vision: how amazing it would be if this vast field of law actually spread its wings and used readily available technology to its capacity. For many practices, this would all but transform their work. For others, it would mean improvement and additional profit.

We opened our doors in January, 2006. Most lawyers and paralegals lost valuable time to technological inefficiencies and many were open to the idea of improving their practice. And so Folium grew, taking on only those projects and clients our small business could handle at the time.

We redoubled our efforts and service lineup in 2009, and spread out to many additional markets: physicians and dentists, real estate agencies and brokers, hotels, government, and even other reprographics companies which by now subcontracted their own work to us.

Continuous improvement comes easily here. For us, the owners, Folium isn't a job, and it isn't even a business. It is a passion: one that we love and take very seriously. Many an evening was spent reading about the latest improvements in server architecture, networking and network security, and a myriad other obscure topics. We pride ourselves on our use of cutting edge tecknologies, attention to detail, and service to our clients.

Folium, LLC is a proud & supporting member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce!