Folkmarket Gemstones and Minerals is a group of enthusiastic gemologists, geologists, and mineral collectors. We collect our gemstones by self-efforts such as going to the gemstone mines especially those gemstone mining in Pakistan. We offer Natural Gemstones, minerals, and crystals in form of rough gemstones for sale, uncut gemstones for faceting Facet Grade, loose gemstones, Cut Stones, fine mineral specimens, and much other stuff related to gemstones. Folkmareket gems store is the best place to buy gemstones online. We are ready to support commercial level and small-medium industries or individual gemstone sellers by offering genuine gemstones at competitive wholesale prices. We help by providing genuine gemstones at the lowest price to boost their gemstone business in gemstone markets. We are wholesale gemstones dealers having 25+ years of experience in collecting natural gemstones, minerals, and rocks from all over the world.
Why Folkmarket Gems?

We have direct access to gems mining in Pakistan especially. We purchase our gemstone stuff directly from mine owners. For example, for Burma spinels, amber and sapphires, we have direct contacts with Burma / Srilanka Gemstone miners. Similar is the case with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a heaven of natural gemstones and minerals. Panjsheir emeralds, tourmaline, lapislazulli, morganite and much other stuff come to us from gemstone miners.

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