Food & Spirit™ was founded in 2000 by nutritionist, Dr. Deanna Minich, as a way to cultivate eating as a PATH TO PERSONAL GROWTH. Since we encounter food and the act of eating multiple times daily, she realized that this constant interface could become a CONDUIT OF UNDERSTANDING one’s inner self in relationship to their environment.

Dr. Minich’s approach is to BRING TOGETHER THE SPECTRUM of potential in the eating experience as a means to fully experience its benefits, including focusing on:

Science & Spirituality

Information & Inspiration

Logic & Creativity

Practicality & Poetry

Body & Soul

You will find in the Food & Spirit™ teachings a WEALTH OF CURRENT, SCIENTIFIC-BASED nutrition information with a complement of the deeper, PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS of eating and the SYMBOLIC MEANING of foods that often goes unrecognized.