What happens when a Treasure Hunt meets Geocaching? Foodcaching!
FREE app powers the Foodcaching Movement which is all about quality food and dining experiences and connecting you with information about seasonal dishes, special diet deals, healthier food options, exclusive special offers and promotional events form the best restaurants in Seattle.  Download it now and join the Foodcaching Movement!

So, whatcha looking for? Vegan food? Low cholesterol options? Craving a screaming deal on a juicy burger? Enter your Preferences and the app sends you the offers you want to find - and nothing else. You might be surprised to discover that the award-winning Italian place all of your friends love actually offers gluten-free pasta, or that the fancy little French place on the corner has an off-the-menu kids dish.

No matter what you seek, Foodcaching makes it easy, and more fun. In addition to limited deals updated daily by the restaurants themselves (i.e. Five open tables at 6pm - 30% off total bill for whoever snags these reservations!), You can amass Food Cash points by inviting your pals, sharing your finds, or simply by showing up and redeeming deals! If you don't want to you don't have to play the game to enjoy our great offers