FOOD FOR MY FRIENDS, INC. is dedicated to providing an interactive online environment where friends, family members, and co-workers create and share personal food profiles and recipes to ensure that every meal that is served can be enjoyed by all, no matter the medical restriction or food lifestyle choice.

www.foodformyfriends.com makes it really easy to do things that are super important:

·  Clearly communicate your food allergies (i.e. peanuts, strawberries, soy).

·  Share your food lifestyle choices (i.e. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free).

·  Inform others of your medically dietary requirements (i.e. Diabetic, Celiac, Low Cholesterol).

·  Post, search and comment in real time on current topics and recommended recipes.

·  Add your favorite recipes others might like to try - to make menu planning easier, recipes are flagged to match food lifestyles and allergies.

·  Create an event, invite your friends and keep track of who's coming so you can plan accordingly.

·  List ingredients needed for your next shopping trip to easily print or view .