FoodChain Europe is an established food industry consultancy and advisory service based in the United Kingdom and operating on an international scale. We provide assistance to food businesses, non-government organisations and government bodies; covering areas such as supply chain management, food safety, product integrity, corporate and social responsibility, identity preservation and food labelling compliance checks EU, EA and worldwide.
Our professional network covers a wide range of individuals, all of which are well respected and experienced within the industry and in many cases possessing specialist knowledge in critical food areas.
FoodChain form part of the Global ID group; a family of companies dedicated to the production of safe, healthy, and ethical food. Global ID group began in 1996 with the founding of Genetic ID Inc., whose central mission was to provide the tools and knowledge needed to respond to consumer concerns, industry needs, and government regulations regarding genetically engineered foods. Genetic ID is a global leader in the analysis of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in food and agricultural products.
In recent years, Genetic ID has diversified its services to include third party certification and consulting, and a range of advanced testing services, enabling Global ID to broaden its mission over a much wider portfolio of emerging food safety, quality and authenticity issues. Today Global ID serves more than 1’000 of the largest firms in the global food and agricultural industries, with offices in 5 countries and with 18 licensee laboratories in 14 countries.
The Global ID Group companies include Genetic ID (testing laboratories with offices and laboratories in the U.S., Japan, and Germany) and Cert ID (certification companies with offices in the U.S., Brazil and the UK). In addition, the company has two consulting subsidiaries including FoodChain Global Advisors in the U.S. and FoodChain Europe in the UK.