QB Society provides multi-media resumes for people in Football. Football coaches and players in high schools, colleges, university and the NFL or National Football League in America can now access and use the qbsociety website to assist them in representing their football players and achieving their recruiting goals. Football coaches and players can also use the qbsociety website to represent themselves in order to be discovered by play potential playing and employment opportunities. They can also communicate worldwide with anybody who is involved with American football.
QB Society will provide you and or your coach with your own personal website which will be assigned a unique personal website address or url. You or your coach can then give that url address to coaches, recruits, teams, high schools, colleges, your university, state universities, the NFL, colleagues, friends and anybody else both privately and publically. The qbsociety website can be used by both amateur, semi professional and professional football players.

High school, college and professional football players can use their own website to link to the major American football decision makers, display videos of their own and their team's football accomplishments and philosophies and show the football successes that they have participated in. Amateur football players can additionally use their website to get recruited, display media links about themselves and their teams. They can also place their website url or address on their resume for high school, college, university and job applications. They can place their resume, cover letter, references and letters of recommendation directly onto their own website as well.

The football players and coaches can also use their own website to present videos of well known football players that they have personally helped and show media links about themselves and their organization's success. They can use their website url on their resume, business cards, cover letters and references. They can attach related football documents and biographies on their website when marketing their own football organization. Professional football players can use their website to profile themselves for endorsements and market themselves to new football recruits.

The website is very easy to create and you will need to build your website yourself. If you need help when constructing your website you can contact qbsociety support. Once you have saved all your videos, resume documents, web links, pictures and more, onto your computer, it will take you about thirty minutes to build your website and place it live onto the internet. You can choose to make your website Private or Public and swap between the two options as often as you like. The Private option means that only people you invite can view your website. The Public option allows anybody in the world to access your website meaning that people searching online can find your website through any of the search engines on the internet.