FORCE2move is a ministry consulting firm in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We specialize in ministry development, strategic planning and leadership development. Our purpose is to evaluate the qualities of your church leaders and congregations to develop a strategic plan to refine and develop positive church growth. FORCE2move understands that at time the leaders of the church are in need of fresh effective ideas with training, ministry expansion & development.  That is why we offer strategic planning for pastors and their leadership team innovating savvy methods & motivate new ideas for transition. With our Divine, Fresh, Savvy yet effective approaches in innovating ministry expansion for Pastors interested in leading the thriving church of the 21st century on biblical principle.
We promote healthy church growth by honoring the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20 of teaching and equipping the disciples for readiness and effectiveness. Our mission is to provide pastors coaching on teaching the leaders of the church and prominent members to focus on using their spiritual gifts to foster the spiritual lives of each believer. We evaluate the qualities your church leaders and congregation display and develop a strategic plan on refining them.  We also cultivate less developed qualities. We here at FORCE2MOVE Ministry Consulting & Solutions are committed to carrying out the work of the Father. Thus in saying such we value each and every ministry we come across and we are ready and willing to support you in this next dimension of growth in the kingdom! We look forward to serving you and your ministry with honor and grace.
We Impart, Motivate, Revitalize the vision/mission of the church by training developing and empowering the leaders to perform essential duties and task with ready effectiveness this is achieved with a variety of divine tactics.

Planning Strategies on Spiritual Team Building and Utilizing Religious Gifts