Liberty Unincorporated Association helps people with mortgage problems, late payments, collections, tax liens, reposessions, bankrupcy, and judgements. We will perpare your paperwork that will force the banks to prove thier position on any loans that you may have with the banks. In most cases we are able to stop your foreclosure and all collection activity. Some people that have used this system have been in their homes for more than six years with out paying any mortgage payments. If you are in a situation were you need our services please call us to setup a free consultant for your situation  202-409-0045  We accept donations for our services and it is usually equal to one month payment on mortgages and around $299 for all other situations. If for any reason we can not stop your foreclosure, or any collection activity then we will refund all monies received. Call today!!!! Even if your foreclosure is 3 days away    202-409-0045

You can call us even if your home has been foreclosed on already!