Master Samurai Spain侍 Spain, is a international benchmark because it is the only person in this field, which resides permanently in a forest Andalusian Spain, which has made these research studies for more than eight years.

The methodology of research programs and scientific field is one of the most important works of the Master Samurai Spain, on the Intelligent forest health medicine, which has become a classic in the philosophy of life.

The main objective of this research is oriented towards the development of procedures and elements necessary for the proper use of the method for raising the standards of quality of life and human development.

Specifically, it aims to demonstrate the key features as both the value and health benefit and practical usefulness. We must put more attention on the needs of the people to change the world trends in education and counseling Natural from a theoretical and practical perspective.

It is pertinent that now emphasize environmental stress evident in cities further increases the development of diseases and disorders in people, that is why his works have demonstrated evidence of results with Shinrin-Yoku, Medicine Forest in various fields, including the widely found direct relationship significant improvement in people's health.

The result of these studies in connection with the Intelligent forest health medicine, has been confirmed by subsequent studies developed in research for more than eight years and the importance of disseminating the results of the study.

One thing is to collect data, discover events, describe situations or classify phenomena, but another is to know why they happen, what their determinants are, where they come from, capture, adapt and analyze, for subsequent application in health people.

They take into account other theoretical contributions made by various studies in the forest, through which the analysis applied to the field study and research in a thoughtful, systematic, controlled and critical procedure, which aims to discover and interpret facts and deepens phenomena, and relationships in the realm of reality, above all, is a way of putting a different way of living and find solutions through a search inquiry or who has an interest to society.