The Forever is Tomorrow Foundation was founded in March of 2016 with an official public launch June of 2016, by Scott Burton after battling kidney disease for 34 years since birth and wasn’t expected to live 2 days, let alone 34 years. He went on dialysis at the age of 12, as he waited 4 years for his first transplant that would ultimately reject after just 4 years. He has been back on dialysis since January 2003 and awaiting another kidney while juggling life around dialysis. He founded The Forever is Tomorrow Foundation, after spending his whole life dealing with this disease and living it, he realized there was a huge lack of awareness, education and resources in general. Scott has pulled from his background in Film/Video Production and Marketing to put together a plan that takes the information where the people are and speaks to the public in a way they will accept and take something away from. He hopes that through his lifelong struggle he can somehow help impact the world for the better and leave behind something far greater than any 1 person. Support The Forever is Tomorrow Foundation Inc. by visiting: www.foreveristomorrow.org or find them on Facebook.com/foreveristomorrowfoundation