We were established in 2007 to find a way for people to be able to have an income no matter where they chose to live in the world, with an emphasis on financial safety and security.

With the predatory lending practices causing unsustainable growth that would eventually crash the real estate market, we chose to move away from real estate and began looking at the new forex market. There was a dearth of retirement advice and so-called safe and effective ways to trade the forex market, this shortage of reliable information led us to make our research available to the public, and thus we created the Forex-Assistant.

Our focus has always been on safety, since we primarily assist retirees. Of course our programs had to outproduce the traditional investment strategies (stocks, bonds, and annuities). And as retirees depend on profits from their investments to live on, the profits had to be reliable and consistent, and have the ability to be withdrawn periodically. For this, the forex market was chosen because it is the most transparent and stable market in existence anywhere on the planet.

The Forex-Assistant has become known for its innovative techniques on the forex market, but we began by looking for a way to have an income through the internet so that we could live where ever we chose. When we realized that this is basically what retirees do with their investments, it became that our focus naturally had to be on investments. Today, we have had the good fortune to be able to develop several unique trading programs using the new systemic approach. It is our desire to blend these new investments into a more comprehensive retirement program.

Bob, who heads up research, is a mathematician and a forex trader. He spent his early years invested in traditional investments such as stocks and real estate. When making the shift from traditional investments to alternative thinking regarding investing, he applied this knowledge of mathematics to the forex market. He has become one of the most respected and leading experts on the subjects of grid and hedge trading.

The Forex-Assistant works along side The Safe Investor with the goal of helping you achieve your goal of retirement through safe investing.