Here we shall go through many areas in the Forex world ,explaining Forex Currency trading basics ,and will also go through explaining and testing and evaluate simple and complex trading strategies ,will also Evaluate Forex Brokers. Indicators and Expert Advisers will be explained here by charts and videos if possible and you will find many useful trading tools inside ,We Will try to shorten your way to become a successful Experienced Currency trader,we will focus on some areas and basics most of us forget it when we go deep in trading ,We think most of you heard about “Kis theory ” means “keep it simple “,we believe that the best way for success is by keeping it simple as possible,by that way we will have more chances and efforts to focus on every side in the Forex Market,like reading the Economic Calendar and go deep inside it so we can analyze the market and try to predict the future and see the wide picture of the Currency Market.We have been in Forex Market for long time ago ,reading ,collecting information ,testing strategies and make our own strategies,started to use the MT4 Demo platform long time ago till we became professionals with it and how to manage every tool inside it,We tried the manual trading and automatic trading using Expert Advisers , We believe in sharing knowledge and experience with every one,feel free to contact Us and all your comments and suggestions are welcomed .