Forex Income Engine

We developed Forex Income Engine (FIE) Course by popular demand for those who have never traded the Forex markets and for those who are seasoned veterans as well and everybody in between who sense that these are great markets to trade with the guidance that a great trading method can provide.

FIE is designed specifically for day trading, aimed at capturing quick hit moves of 20 pips ($200 per standard lot) or more in a matter of minutes. FIE will usually give you several trade setups a day depending on market conditions in any time frame you desire to trade, 5 minute to 60 minute bars. This means wherever you may be around the world, you can turn on your trading platform at any time of the day or night and expect to find a good FIE setup within a few minutes for one or more of the six major pairs. It is not uncommon to be in and out of a trade that hits the primary profit target within 20 minutes.

If you are a current FPA student, I would encourage you to add FIE to your trading arsenal. If you are not yet an FPA student, I would encourage you to master FIE now and consider FPA when you’re ready to expand your toolbox.

We believe along with many of our students that if you are a trader or would like to become a trader that is really serious about taking advantage of these Forex markets then you want to have the best tools and trading methods in your trading arsenal. And once you master these methods, you will own them for life.